- a filling device for a pressurised heating circuit

The Jepp Valve

The JEPP VALVE is a push button ‘combi’ boiler filling valve that prevents over-pressurising the system and stops countless gallons of fresh water from being discharged and wasted.

The JEPP VALVE is WRAS approved recognizing its water saving properties.

It has a pre set maximum pressure (1.4 bar), allowing the press button to be used to top up the boiler* or be held in the filling position for new installations and for topping up a drained system.

The JEPP VALVE cannot cause the boiler to be over-pressurised. Once you have checked the boiler gauge is set, the job has been completed for either filling the system or topping up the system after a pressure drop.

  • Easy to use and fool proof
  • Permanently installed
  • Designed with the installer and the end user in mind

(WRAS Approved #1905390)

Product includes a 2 year guarantee.
  • Saves Water

    The unique design means no more gallons of wasted water

  • Easy to use

    Simply press the button & hold

  • Easy to fit

    Any qualified plumber can easily fit a JEPP VALVE in minutes

  • Durability

    Crafted using the finest materials, this is the only valve you will ever need

  • Tested

    Fully manufactured to BS specifications

  • Ideal for landlords & housing associations

    Fewer call outs to top up systems – the homeowner/occupier just presses the button

  • WRAS approved

    Fully approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme


The JEPP VALVE was invented because the standard filling loop is prone to letting water past in both the single valve and the double valve versions.

Problems that result from existing filling loops include:

  • connecting the loop
  • failed/seized isolation valves
  • over-pressurising the system, causing long term damage
  • leaving a permanently open connection causing short term damage to the boiler
  • leaving running water on the outside of buildings

The list is endless and extensive.


Features of the JEPP VALVE include:

  • designed to be installed in a convenient position for the end user e.g. in cupboards
  • ideal for loft installations
  • an ideal/easy retro fit, replacing existing filling loops
  • has an installer/bypass clip** for commissioning systems available
  • WRAS approved for safe permanent connection to the incoming cold water mains supply
  • Braille embossed push button to help the visually impaired


Designed with the installer and the end user in mind:

  • permanently installed sealed system filling valve
  • easy to use – just press the button
  • no need for the use of a flexible hose and fear of non-disconnection
  • no isolation valves to leak or seize up
  • provides water saving benefits over the lifetime of the system

The JEPP VALVE is also available for commercial installations. These valves have a pre set maximum pressure of 2.5 bar.

* please note that should the end user have to refill more than once over a short period of time e.g. monthly, then we would advise calling an engineer to resolve a potential leak issue on the system.

** The installers bypass clip is available to facilitate the easy filling of the system.  It is not advised to leave these with the homeowner / occupier.

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