1. Quotations and price

Unless specifically stated all prices are subject to variation without notice and subject to change as determined by the European market.  Prices will be as per the date of despatch.  Clerical errors on quotations or invoices will be subject to correction.

  1. Delivery of goods

Free delivery of goods for orders in excess of £500.  Every effort will be made to arrange delivery for 3 working days following confirmation of the order, excluding orders placed on Friday, which will be processed on the following Monday.  Orders received after 11:00am will be processed the following day.

  1. Damage and shortage

Please check your delivery and notify Hub Distribution Ltd of any discrepancies within 24 hours of receipt, by email to info@hub-distribution.co.uk.

  1. Defective goods

During the manufacturers’ warranty period, defective goods should be returned to Hub Distribution where they will be sent for testing.  If the goods are found to be faulty due to the manufacturing process, they will be replaced free of charge.  Without prejudice, Hub Distribution, will under no circumstances be liable for any consequential damage or loss suffered.  Our liability will not exceed the value invoiced to you, our customer.

  1. Title of goods

You may sell the goods delivered in the course of normal business and hold the proceeds of resale in trust for us, however, Title to goods will not pass to you, the customer until such time that the account has been settled in full.  Risk of loss or damage shall pass to the customer from the time the goods are delivered to the customers address.  Hub Distribution reserves the right to use a debt recovery agency to recover monies unpaid.  The costs of debt recovery will be added to the outstanding amount.

  1. Credit Payment terms

In the event that you are given a credit account, invoices are payable on or before 30 days following the invoice date.  Hub Distribution reserves the right to charge a late payment fee of 5% of the full amount outstanding.  Persistent late payment will result in withdrawal of credit arrangements and full payment will be required prior to shipment of future orders.

  1. Returns

Goods, once sold are non returnable, except where as described in section 4 above, goods are defective.  In the event that we agree to accept the return of goods, there will be a 25% handling charge.  All costs associated with returns are payable by you the purchaser.