- stops back filling of sink waste water to an appliance

The Jepp Stop

The JEPP STOP is a device to simply connect your washing machine or dishwasher to a spigot on a sink waste and which will stop your machine back filling with waste water from your sink.

It comes with 1 x  stainless steel cable tie and 1 x  plastic cable tie.

With the JEPP STOP installed:

  • the stainless steel cable tie is fitted to the spigot
  • the plastic tie is fitted to the appliance outlet hose

When the tenant moves out the JEPP STOP stays on.  It’s not easy to cut off the stainless steel tie.  The occupants appliance is held on by the plastic cable tie which they just cut away and remove their appliance leaving the kitchen safe from flooding.

It is ideal for housing associations, letting agents, local authorities and private landlords etc. as, when tenants move out, they tend to just pull off the appliance hose leaving the sink waste open. This can easily lead to flooding when the new occupant moves in but hasn’t yet connected an appliance, runs the kitchen tap, fills the sink and then pulls the plug out.

Product carries a standard 1 year guarantee.
  • No back filling

    Sink waste cannot backfill to your appliance

  • Ideal for landlords & housing associations

    Avoids call outs when appliances removed & prevents damages from small floods

  • Eliminates odour

    Design prevents odours from sink waste

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