- a leak free toilet pan cone connector


The JEPP CONE is a leak free toilet pan connector.

This will prevent the age old problem of the pan cone/flush cone working its way out the pan and causing a major leak.

The JEPP CONE fits all** Horizontal Outlet (HO) pans and most back to the wall pans.

When installed correctly, it will not work loose.  Once fitted, it’s in for good, unless removed.

**Hub Distribution also make a special JEPP CONE for a range of pans made by Roca.

(Roca pans are currently used by some large housing associations where the fitting is smaller than the standard toilet pan)

Product carries a standard 1 year guarantee.

For Merchant Sales contact our distributors:

Mark Vitow Ltd

Search product code JPC1 for the Jepp Cone and JKF1 for the Jepp Flex Kits which includes the Jepp Cone

  • Leak Free

    No more damage to surrounding flooring & expensive repairs

  • Fits all HO pans

    Universal fitting that fits all HO Pans and most back to wall pans

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