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About Us

  • Chris Jepp, after more than 30 years experience as a plumbing and heating engineer to both individual customers and many estate agents, was frustrated at not finding more robust products to use and install.  Using poor products resulted in revisits to cure the same problem at a later date.
  • In 2015, Chris, who is based in Kent, decided to put into action his ideas for manufacturing innovative new products that overcome age old problems. The aim; to save many thousands of call outs to properties for simple solutions to recurrent problems.
  • Hub Distribution Ltd was formed in 2017.
  • The first challenge was  to make a new product that the owner/occupier of the property could use to fill their boiler without fear of water leaks, over-pressurising the boiler, or for the need of an engineers call out.  This is how the WRAS approved and patented JEPP VALVE was borne.
  • Moving on to another common problem within household plumbing, Chris looked at the connection between the flush pipe from a cistern and the WC pan.  For many years we have used a push fit rubber or plastic connector, but these can be prone to leaks, causing long term problems to flooring, creating damp and leading to expensive repairs.  With these issues in mind, Chris designed a new, fool proof, leak free connector, the JEPP CONE.
  • The JEPP STOP was created to prevent a washing machine from back filling and also also eliminating smells. Uniquely this also ensures an open ended pipe on the kitchen sink outlet cannot be left that would leak if a new appliance has not been connected.

All JEPP products are available through either merchants or through distributors.